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On the Mend 

Advanced Foot Care

Advanced Nursing Foot Care with a spa like feel


Advanced Foot Care

Lower Limb Care and Wellness Clinic

Serving Tillsonburg, ON and surrounding area

Diabetic Foot Care


Tracy Laaper,
Registered Practical Nurse
Registered Podortho® Foot Specialist

Certified Laser Therapist
Certified Compression Fitter

Tracy Laaper is a Registered Practical Nurse and a Registered Podortho® Foot Specialist specializing in lower limb and advanced foot care. 


Tracy is a member of the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO), and the Ontario Foot Care Association ( OFCA). 

Tracy began her nursing career and gradated from Fanshawe College as a  Registered Practical Nurse in 2011. 

Tracy worked at Stratford General Hospital and cared for patients in various settings such as the medicine unit, critical care - telemetry, surgical day care, and pre-admit clinic.  For the past few years, Tracy has also enjoyed educating students as a Clinical Instructor and Professor for the Personal Support Worker program at Fanshawe College.   


Tracy has always had a desire to specialize in advanced foot care as she saw the incredible need for foot care in her community.  

Over the years Tracy has acquired a vast amount of nursing knowledge and has always been determined to provided her patients with evidence-based, best practice and compassionate care they deserve. 

Nursing Foot Care in Tillsonburg - Podortho Nurse
Podortho Foot Specialist / Nurse

Foot Care Specialist

  • Podortho® Foot Specialists are Registered Nurses (Registered Practical Nurse/Registered Nurse) that specialize in the field of Advanced Medical Foot and Lower Limb Care

  • Podortho® Foot Specialists are Nurses who have advanced their entry to practice competencies through continued post graduate education and training in the field of foot and lower limb care. Our Podortho Foot Specialist / Nurse  will provide every client with an assessment, comprehensive solution, and a client specific plan of care that works for the client's needs.  This ensures that goals are met and the client is left feeling pampered and well cared for.

  • On The Mend Advanced Foot Care follows the infection prevention and control (IPAC) guidelines when sterilizing all medical instruments to keep you safe.  (Public Health Guidelines are followed.) 

  • (Please note that "On the Mend Advanced Foot Care" is located inside Spa Marche and is a private clinic to maintain confidentiality for all clients. )


How Can I Help You?

My Services


Advanced Foot Care 

Includes treatment of callouses, heel cracks, corns, thick toenails, ingrown toenails. 

Footlogix products are used with every medical pedicure!


*Toe FX Fungal Treatment

* Ingrown Toenail 

* Nail Bracing

* Plantar Wart Treatment

* Compression Therapy - 

             FREE fitting

(many insurance companies cover compression socks)

* 15 minute FREE Consult

* Mobile Home Visits (booked through Nurse)




Foot Care

Includes nursing assessment, neuropathy screening, health teaching and diabetic foot care. 


Pain Management 

Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT utilizes a class 3b laser to directly effect circulating blood and underlying tissues to produce a systemic and direct photobiomodulation effect to accelerate healing and decrease pain, inflammation, edema and associated symptoms.  LLLT is painless and helps treat conditions such as:

Plantar Fasciitis, sprains, tendonitis, sciatic pain, arthritis, chronic pain and much more. 

Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy

Blue Cross Direct Billing
Veteran's Affairs Canada


Blue Cross -

Veteran's Affairs

On The Mend Advanced Foot Care has direct billing for Veterans Affairs / Blue Cross.


If you or someone you know is need of basic or advanced nursing foot care, we direct bill and a majority of your visit is covered!

Please check with your insurance plan to see if a physician's prescription is required. 

Wheelchair Accessible Clinic

Other Insurance Coverage:

Receipts will be provided for you

so you can submit them

to your Insurance company

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